Baby Massage

Price: FREE



(Suitable from birth to pre-crawling age)

Here we have all of the benefits of a baby massage course, to be enjoyed without even leaving the house!

Baby massage is not a new concept, and has been practised in other countries for hundreds of years, with the belief that it helps with health, happiness, security and a feeling of being loved-for parent and baby. Baby Massage is tailored for all babies right from birth until pre-crawling age. It also addresses many of the symptoms a baby may be experiencing as a result of a restrictive frenulum such as colic, trapped wind, reflux and teething without the need for medication. It also has the added benefits for parents with bonding and confidence with their baby.

Baby Massage involves the parent/caregiver learning massage techniques, in order to promote physical and emotional well-being to the baby whilst also promoting bonding and attachment skills for the parent too. Baby massage is also a great introduction to infant Yoga.

Course benefits include:

  • Aids gross & fine motor skills
  • Sleep, increases duration & frequency
  • Aids degestions, relieves constipation and colic
  • Helps with reaching developmental milestones
  • Increases parent & baby bonding
  • Increased strength & flexibility
  • Reduces stress


Baby Massage