Tongue Tie Awareness Course

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“Suspecting when having a tongue-tie: is being tongue-tied!”

This is a tongue-tie information resource for general use for those who support parents and caregivers with infant feeding, such as peer supporters and is for general information purposes only (nb this course will NOT teach you to diagnose and will NOT teach the frenulotomy procedure itself.). The course houses videos on recognising some common symptoms of a tongue tie, and discusses a frenulotomy procedure (tongue tie division) using scissors. It looks at the risks of the procedure, and the benefits too whilst acknowledging and addressing common misconceptions. The course is approximately a one hour snapshot presentation which includes films and discussion through an online course. The presentation link will be sent to your email address and also in the ‘Thank you page’ at the check out.

Course topics include:

  • Definition of a tongue-tie
  • Some common misconceptions
  • Risks of the procedure
  • Symptoms of a restrictive tongue tie
  • Tongue tie division throughout history
  • NICE (2005) recognition
  • Aftercare of tongue tie division
Tongue Tie