Yoga babes and Yoga Tots

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This 2-in-1 Yoga course is the next stage in achieving infant milestones. It is highly recommended that the baby massage course is achieved before starting Yoga, as it is the next follow-on stage from that. Yoga sessions are tailored for babies a minimum of 8 weeks old all the way up to a year old. It is offered in two sections ‘Yoga-Babes’ (8 weeks upto 5 months old approx) and ‘Yoga-Tots’ (5 months to 2 years old approx) to adapt to their developmental ages. This style of infant yoga concentrates on stretches, reflexes and abilities of the infant-it is not adult yoga with and infant in attendance.

Infant Yoga helps with development and stimulation of:

The Moro Reflex, Instinctive Self-Protection, Building Core Strength, Diagonal Co-ordination and Breathing Techniques.

It is recommended that all proposed participants consult with their healthcare provider’s (GP or Health visitor for example) for their medical health suitability to take part. For example, there is floor work and lifting (of infant) for the adult, and infants are encouraged into gentle stretches and joint movements.

Baby & Tots Yoga